"Tempe's Most Unique Workout!" 


October 30th - November 22nd



  • Get 1-Month of Unlimited Group Training & Trainer Support
  • Challenge is based on body weight change. 
    • Lose 3% of your body weight and win a share of the pot
  • For each contestant, $20 will be added to the pot. 
  • Weigh-in at After It Training on or after October 30th
  • Final Weigh-in must be done at After It by or before November 22nd 
  • For those that have already done an After It Training Challenge and are not currently a member, you may enroll with us on or before October 30th to enter! 

TribeFit revolves around the idea that we are all one, collective unit of individuals, striving to attain optimal health and performance. Surround yourself with people with a like-mindset, do the work & get the results!  

  • Over 15 classes a week
  • Unique workouts each day
  • Trainers you can trust!