Team-Up Challenge Details!


Partner Up with a Friend and the both of you are committed to each other for 6 weeks of Fitness and Transformation! 

We have 2 Categories to Win for each Male and Female Teams

  • Combined Body Composition 
  • Combined Strength, Performance and Conditioning

Participants are to choose to participate in our TribeFit classes OR Buddy Training - Click above Picture for Promotional Offers for New Members

Body Composition Winners will be chosen as a combined total of the composition change that you and your teammate go through.

Strength, Performance & Conditioning Teams will participate in a Performance Event towards the end of the challenge where you and your partner will be put through 6 different strength and conditioning tests that you have to complete as a team. 

NOTE: Events will be released by week 2 of the Team-Up Challenge so you will know what to train for.

We're very excited to get you guys going and get after your results!

Best of luck and will,

After It Trainers