45-Day Challenge - All Access to TribeFit


45-Day Challenge - All Access to TribeFit

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$39 To Enter the Challenge for New Members

$29 to Enter the Challenge for Current Members (Purchase @ Gym)

Join Us for the 45-Day Challenge: 

  • Unlimited Access to Over 30 Classes/Wk.

  • In-Body Analysis Scan

  • Training Support & Accountability

  • Invest in your Fitness

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Sign-Up for $39 and Start TribeFit Group Training Today! 

August 24th is the Kick-off Event & Official START of our 45-Day Transformation Challenge

$39 To Enter the Challenge for All New Members (Purchase @ Gym)

$29 To Enter the Challenge for Current Members

Joining Us for the 45-Day Challenge you will get:

  • TribeFit Unlimited Membership

  • Access to Over 30 Classes/Wk.

  • In-Body Analysis Scan

  • Training Support & Accountability

Important notes for our challenge:

  • If you cannot make the Kick-off, you will still be able to participate in the challenge, you’ll just have to weight in during the following week before any of our scheduled class times.

  • Performance testing Test-Outs will be Saturday, October 5th

  • The final day weigh-in date will be October 7th, but you can weigh-in anytime before that as well.

Class Schedule - See Below!

August 24th Kick-Off Event @ After It Training

Here is what we will be doing on this day:

  • In-Body Composition Scan (check body fat and composition)

  • Initial Performance Testing for the Challenge

  • Information for Guests Interested In The Challenge

  • Sign-Ups for New Members Entering the Challenge

  • Meet the training staff

  • Supplements for purchases at Discount for the 45-Days

You have the option to train for body composition, performance or both! See below for details..


We will be measuring body fat via our in-body scans at the studio. With trainer support and access to our Full TribeFit Group Training Membership, you have 45-Days to slim down and bring sexy back and we will have another measurement day at the end of the challenge. The winners with the picked based upon the biggest changes in body fat loss (in pounds), body fat percentage change and muscle gain.


Our performance portion of the challenge consists of Level 1 + Level 2 categories.

At the Kick-Off Event, contestants who participate in this category will be placed into their respective levels and taken through 3 different performance tests, for time. They will be challenging, so come prepared and ready!

There will be Prize Money for the Best Scores on kick-off day (see picture above for all the prizes)

Over the course of the Challenge, contestants will train in our TribeFit classes and they will see these various movements that were in the tests. It’s your job to come to class, attend open gyms and talk to the trainers about getting better at these various movements so you can test out on them near the end of the challenge to obtain your personal best score!

Re-Testing day will be towards the end of our challenge.

Other Things To Note

  • All Levels are welcome to do the Performance category, however if you have any sort of injury we DO NOT recommend that you compete in the performance category.

  • New Members Get 45-Days of Unlimited TribeFit Training for $39!

  • $39 Intro rate for classes allowed to contestants who have not done an After It Training Challenge or been a member in the past 12 months

  • All Challenge Contestants must sign the Challenge Agreement

    • Your challenge Entry automatically enrolls you into our TribeFit membership, which will begin an automatic billing cycle the day after the challenge is over. If you do not plant to continue in a membership with us, please let us know 7 days prior to the end of the challenge and you will not be enrolled into automatic billing. Don't worry, we'll go over this again with you once you arrive at the gym :)

  • All other Contestants must have an active membership to compete in the 45-Day Challenge

If you have any more questions, please come by After It Training so we can answer them and get you in the challenge!

We look forward to getting you results and having you in to join our Tribe!

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