Making Your Brain 10% Better

Does exercise make your brain perform better...? YES it does. I briefly dive in to this study and come out with a couple cool conclusions.


The Study..

In THIS particular study, they had participants look at a set of 90 images on a computer screen. After looking at the images, the participants were split into 2 groups, one 'active' group that did leg extensions after viewing the images and one 'passive' group that was told to just sit in the chair and watch the machine as it passively moved their legs. When tested 2 days later, the 'active' group showed better recall (by 10%) for the pictures they were shown prior. 

Is 10% really that much?

Now if you're thinking that 10% better recall is not all that great, you are missing the point. It's the UNDERSTANDING that we now know exercise will not hurt your brain, in fact it will encourage it to perform better.

There are a couple other cool things to take away from this study. One being that the investment could be as little as 20 Minutes... Praise Efficient Fitness! The other being that even though it was a simple resistance training regimen, I think that this will work with a sprint workout or something similar that will elevate your heart rate. Therefore, you can get creative.

One more thing..

I think that 10% IS a big deal

Let's quickly extrapolate this…Think of your past couple weeks, what have you done? Was there anything important in there.. a baby being born, a new dog, cat? Now would you be okay with losing 10% of the memories that you have now? Maybe you do if you've been living like a drug-addicted rock star that past 14 days and woke in Vegas with a new tattoo, laying next to a 'girl' in fishnet stalkings that seems to have an Adam's apple for some reason… but I digress. 

The POINT is, exercise is good for the brain and if you want peak performance, you would be wise to have an exercise regimen in the process. 


Author: Nick Murrieta


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