Looking at a backlit screen much...? It's ruining your vision. Try these sunglasses...

Over the past couple years I've seemed to evolve some eye issues after long days starting at a computer screen. Symptoms include the inability to read a menu at night, inability to read books later in the day and probably some brain fog. Yeah, not so good. So over this time I've wondered about my vision and what I can do to reduce the symptoms without completely letting go of my beloved computer. What I eventually stumbled upon are these really cool Blue Blocking sunglasses that you can get on Amazon for 6 Bucks! That beats the other pair that I wanted, which cost around $70. Eventually, I think I will (and i'll post on those later) but for right now, these are great. 

(blue blocking sunglasses)

So what do the glasses do...

When you're looking at a computer screen, what you are staring at is a bunch of light that is emitted from the screen, blue light in particular. Over the millions of years of evolution, our eyes haven't evolved to look at a computer screen throughout the entire day, or else we would like this! 

What I've found, is that if I wear these glasses for some time (not all day) while i'm on the computer, let's call it 45-min., then my symptoms at night are gone! So, now I can read a menu and not have to resort to my girlfriend reading it for me or pulling out my dad's old reading glasses that I borrowed from him. Even though they do look amazing..

Also... Blue light and Melatonin

You've heard of melatonin, right? That hormone that kicks in and starts to make us wind down our day. It's a hormone that induces your sleepy time. In research, it has been well-established that blue light or short-wavelength light is very suppressive on melatonin (ie. it's production will be limited). So, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, or trying to fall asleep, this may be the problem. You may want to assess all of the things that you're using that emit a blue light. iPad, iPhone, computer, TV, etc. 

If you are having these issues, I would also recommend finding a good book to read instead of articles on the computer and try to not watch anything that emits blue light at least an hour before bed. If you try this, let me know how this works for you! I'd like to hear some feedback. 

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