Boost Your Immune System with Nutritional Mushrooms

Introducing Shroom Tech Immune


We wanted to bring this in to support immune health when you may need it most. As with some of the other products we carry, this can be an every day supplement, but it's not a necessity. At times when you think you could use additional immune support, this would be great to have around. 

Think of finals week, a higher than normal stress week at work or maybe you're not getting enough sleep lately, then immune support help keep you from getting sick!

A lot of what's in here will help increase your immune cells and also decrease inflammation. Check out some of the research on the Chaga mushroom and tumeric if you're interested to learn more. 

Description below..

The New Food-Based Shroom TECH Immune

At the core of the New Shroom TECH Immune is the same proprietary micronized medicinal mushroom blend, Immune Assist™. This combination of cordyceps, reishi, maitake, and more has been micronized to optimize absorption and contains potent beta glucans that help stimulate a positive immune response from the body. Immune Assist is currently being studied in a variety of clinical applications. Rounding out the mycological profile, we have included Chaga mushroom, one of the most well respected traditional immune stimulating mushrooms in the world.