After it Challenge Results!

2015 After it Challenge Results!

It's been a couple months of so much hard work and dedication from all of you involved in our 2015 After it Challenge. I am very proud of the entire crew for all of your hard work. There were so many positive results for this year that it was truly amazing to see all the changes happening. 

Picking out the winner this year was definitely a challenge compared to last. I will take that as a sign that our studio is growing, and our members are getting more and more bad-ass. So good job :)

Our 2015 Winner were based on Performance AND Measurements, and all of these individuals were very consistent over these 2 months and got some great changes. 

Without further adieu, here are the 2015 After it Challenge Results!


We had 2 individuals that tied for 3rd place...

Congratulations to BOTH Laurens... Lauren Lawson and Lauren Jackson :) 

Picture 4.jpeg


This individual worked very hard the entire way, and for being one of the newest members at the studio, I was very impressed with her work ethic and dedication. From the beginning, one of her goals were to have her 'booty on point'...Second Place goes to..



Elaina Yutze!





And First Place and Winner of the Primal Kettlebell, Massage and Nutrition Supplement of Choice..




Kristin Hansen!


Kristin, I was very impressed with your dedication each and every week at the studio. You've been really working hard over these past months and have consistently been great at improving your performance on all of your lifts and your measurements were great for a 2 month period. Very good job and I look forward to your continued progress!