A Cure for Humanity: Mastering the Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell swing, in my opinion, is one of the most beneficial exercises a person can do. It needs to be mastered for the betterment of humanity. 

Reasons why?

  • You need to use a lot of glutes. It is a hinge exercise, which means you will be bending at the hips more and thus your glutes should get a workout. Our glutes are sadly saggy and lacking strength these days. Somewhere, Sir Mix-A-Lot is crying inside. As a species we have evolved this BIG Glute muscle because it holds us in an upright posture and bears a lot of the loads when we walk and when we squat. If we do not have strong glutes, we put more load on the spine in each step and especially more when we try and squat heavy things. Praise Sir Mix-A-Lot! 


  • It activates and strengthens the posterior chain. The important posterior chain muscles that I am referring to are the glutes, hamstrings and erector spinae muscles. These muscles are all being underused and atrophied as a result of our society sitting more of the day than not. When you sit, especially in a bad position, you are letting these muscles go to waste because they are not being used. Chronically sitting like this can turn into a big problem. 

What to do

In these 2 following videos, we explain first the Hinge Position and then how to do a kettlebell swing. There are many ways to teach the swing, and many points to coach on. We wanted to make an easily digestible video to start on. So here you go.. Start with the explanation on Hinge mechanics and then move to kettlebell swing mechanics. Enjoy!

Hinge Mechanics

Kettlebell Swing Mechanics


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