3 Unique Methods of Warming Up [with videos]

3 Unique Methods of Warming Up 

There are TONS of ways that people warm-up, and depending on their particular sport or competition, routines vary widely. Here are 3 different, unique examples of warming up including our simple movement prep prior to TribeFit. But first... 

Static Stretching and Why We Don't Advocate It

Static stretching is an attempt to lengthen the muscular tissue while the body holds it in s position for a given length of time, typically at least 25 seconds. In research, it has actually been demonstrated that static stretching prior to an activity can actually inhibit muscular tissue performance. When you static stretch too much, your tissues are at a disadvantage and less able to produce maximal force. 

We are not saying that static stretching is a bad thing. There are some benefits, just before a performance, it is not usually recommended.

Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23588487

3 unique methods to warming up...

Dynamic Movement for Runners

This video is packed with a lot of dynamic exercises for runners. You may want to include the entire thing, or just pick out a couple things that you need or would want to include in your current movement prep. In all of these things, the goal is to warm up the muscle tissue and get it used to extending and contracting while in various positions. 


Ginastica Natural

Ginastica Natural got it's influence from the ground movements of jiu-jitsu. It was created by Alvaro Romano, who in 1982 began researching eastern techniques about the movements of primitive man. This practice also incorporates some breathing techniques from Hatha yoga. Very interesting. 


Dynamic Stretch for Hip Mobility

This is one of our simple, but effective movements that we do before TribeFit classes. Mostly it's purpose is to open up the hips, but you can add variations into this prep if you want to target other things as well. 



Author: Nick Murrieta


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